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Snowman Hunter is a game made over roughly 24 hours at TasJam Lite, an event run in Hobart, Australia by the Tasmanian Game Development Society. 

The object is to hunt down and find a snowman hidden in a level using your torch whilst avoiding getting eaten by zombies.


Movement - WASD
Look - mouse
Toggle torch on/off - T
Quit game - Esc

If a zombie touches you, you lose the game. Zombies will be alerted to your position and chase you if you shine your torch at them but will lose interest if you turn your torch off or point it away from them and can evade them for a short period.

When you do manage to find the snowman, simply try and get close to it and look at it to win. The location of the snowman will vary each game.

The theme of this game jam was "Light" and so the game was largely an experiment in how sparing use of light can create atmosphere and tension.

The game is only a prototype, is thoroughly untested and likely full of bugs. Special thanks to Adam Scott-McGuinness (soundpitch.com.au) for all audio assets.

Install instructions

Download and unzip the folder then double click on "SnowmanHunter.exe" to play.


SnowmanHunter.zip 93 MB


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Cute little way to spend *checks video* about 52 seconds lol. No real complaints since this is just a prototype and I could see this mechanic being used in a creepy hide and seek way. I played it along side 2 other games, it was the second game I covered.

Thanks for playing!


Thanks to this game, I won at life. GAME OF THE YEAR!!!

Haha thanks so much for playing!